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Southeast Ohio Pheasants Forever - About Us Page

Southeast Ohio Pheasants Forever - About Us Page

SE Ohio PF Chapter #701

Welcome. We are Southeast Ohio Pheasants Forever, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasants and other upland bird populations in North America.

Pheasants Forever is the only national organization with a model of chapters keeping 100% of the funds they raise. While belonging to a larger national organization that has a voice on federal and state conservation policies, chapters are tasked with finding projects for their funds. Ohio takes full advantage of this model using funds raised for projects locally as well as other areas in the state of Ohio.

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Our Chapter History

Our Chapter History

The Southeast Ohio Chapter of Pheasants was formed in December of 2001. The Chapter held its first event, a youth day in April 2002. The event was hosted by the Buckeye Game Club. A group of about 25 volunteers made the first outing a success, as 86 kids and their families attended the event. Kids moved through several shooting stations and got to see a variety of outdoor skill demonstrations. Our chapter had strong support from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, which sent several wildlife officers for the day. Donations allowed the Chapter to provide a free lunch and door prize to each youth that attended. Our third Youth Day grew to 385 kids making it the largest PF Youth Event in Ohio!!

In addition to introducing youth to outdoor pursuits, the Chapter also assisted private landowners in both Licking and Fairfield Counties to establish over 150 acres of nesting cover in the spring of 2004. With support from the Fairfield SWCD, NRCS, Lancaster High School FFA and the Zane Trace Chapter of NWTF, the Chapter also provided free food plot seed to over 50 landowners.

In the fall of 2006, The Chapter was having a great year working on habitat improvement, new conservation practices and youth education. We assisted landowners in Fairfield, Licking and Hocking Counties with seed purchases for nearly 530 acres of warm-season or prairie grasses. Over 40 acres of cool-season grasses such as clover, timothy and orchard grass were planted. Again, with support from several generous donors and organizations, we provided free food plot seed to over 50 landowners in the spring. Our Youth Event grew to over 500 kids from 19 counties and 3 states!! The event was held at the Fairfield Fish & Game Association in Baltimore, Ohio. The kids received free T-shirts, goodie bags and many great door prizes. It takes around 150 volunteers to put on this great event. Donors and volunteers are always needed.

The Southeast Ohio Chapter of Pheasants Forever held its Sixth Annual Youth Event at the Fairfield Fish & Game Association on April 14, 2007. This was a huge event with over 700 kids in attendance despite it being a cold, rainy day.

Our Chapter Mission

Protect, restore, and enhance wildlife habitat by establishing and maintaining local projects.

    • Create, improve, and preserve upland bird habitat
    • Foster youth hunting and outdoor activities.
    • Develop, distribute and foster conservation education.
    • Introduce and advance prudent management of conservation policies.

Pheasants Forever is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant and other wildlife populations in North America through habitat improvement, land management, public awareness, and education.

About Southeast Ohio Pheasants Forever

About Southeast Ohio Pheasants Forever

Our local chapter in Ohio was founded amongst those upland hunters and sportsmen and women in your community. Our goal is to provide those avid outdoormen and women an opportunity to assist in the protection and enhancement of pheasants and other upland bird populations around the local area.

Pheasants Forever was co-founded in 1982 by co-workers at the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch, outdoor editor Dennis Anderson and national advertising director Jeff Finden. Both recognized a need for habitat restoration and preservation to ensure the future of pheasants and other wildlife.

PF's first publication entitled "Rooster Tales," published in February 1983. This became the forerunner of today's Pheasants Forever Journal of Upland Conservation. The fledgling PF held its first banquet on April 15, 1983, drawing 800 people at the inaugural banquet. In January 2007, PF's third-ever National Pheasant Fest in Des Moines, Iowa, became the largest event in PF history, drawing over 24,500 attendees over a three-day span.

Twenty-five years after its inception, Pheasants Forever has become a grassroots, nationwide upland conservation movement - a national conservation powerhouse. The organization has grown to 110,000 members with over 600 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. Nationwide, Pheasants Forever has spent $260 million on program expenditures, which have helped fund 347,000 habitat projects affecting 4.4 million acres across North America. Along the way, PF has continued to employ the same unique organizational model of empowering local chapters to determine how 100 percent of their locally-raised conservation funds are spent. This local control allows chapters to see the fruits of their chapter efforts in their own communities.

Our Local Habitat Projects

Our Local Habitat Projects

We actively partner with other chapters and Ohio organization of natural resources on many habitat projects.

    • Habitat field days are conducted when opportunities arise.
    • We involve young people through activities such as youth hunts and habitat projects.
    • Habitat projects and efforts to restore and preserve public lands.
    • Contribute to funding purchasing and restoration of local land throughout our community.

Our Fundraising

    • Our annual fundraising banquet, which is attended by more than 240 people, generates thousands of dollars. The banquet is held in early February each year.

Who Is Pheasants Forever?

A national organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of habitat for upland game and wildlife throughout the nation.

  • Over 145,000 grassroots members and volunteers who have developed more than 10 million acres of pheasant and other wildlife habitat since inception.
  • 600 chapters completing over 35,000 projects annually.

What Can You Do To Help?

What Can You Do To Help?

Please explore our website and discover more about the Southeast Ohio Pheasants Forever. You'll find detailed information on all our activities and upcoming events. Let us know what you think; we appreciate your feedback. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us. We welcome people interested in the Pheasants Forever mission to attend our monthly meetings, listed on our events page.

    • Become a Pheasants Forever member or sponsor
    • Volunteer your time or resources to our chapter